The teaching of history at Wateringbury encourages children to develop their skills as time detectives: to be curious, to ask questions and to use a wide variety of sources for their investigations of the past. 

Keystage One pupils learn to identify and analyse reasons for change which enables them to explore historical events of national significance more deeply.  The study of significant individuals brings history to life and gives children a respect for historical achievements.

Keystage Two children deepen their chronological understanding of British, local and world history.  They observe trends and changes and pose questions that are worthy of researching.  Pupils are exposed to a range of historical sources and they explore the different ways evidence can be used and interpreted.  Pupils are also encouraged to pursue individual lines of interest and to use a wide variety of sources for their own research.

Visits to historic places of interest and visiting history workshops help to bring history “alive” and to stimulate and broaden the children’s interest and experience.




History topics across the school:

Year group


History topics


When I was a baby

Weekend news

Guy Fawkes


Space – Moon landing & Neil Armstrong

Mary Anning

Sequencing events in stories


Great Fire of London


Battle of Hastings


Famous People



Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the  Iron Age

The Roman Empire and its Impact on Britain


The achievements of Ancient Egypt

Local history


Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

The Mayan Civilisation


World War II

Ancient Greece