Religious Education

Religious education is taught as a core academic subject at Wateringbury and gives our children an understanding of how beliefs and values affect their lives and the lives of others. Our pupils learn about Christianity and other major religions.  They discuss their own religious and non-religious views in a safe and open environment. Christianity lies at the heart of the curriculum because Church schools reflect the Christian Gospel in all they do. The youngest pupils are introduced to Christianity as a living faith related to the values and relationships they experience and observe in the school community. Pupils come to Wateringbury from all faiths, and no faith, and all enjoy engaging and inspiring religious education that relates to real-life experiences at school, at home, in the community and in the wider world. Please click here for our Collective Worship Policy The aims of Religious Education at Wateringbury Church of England Primary School are:
  • to enable pupils to encounter Christianity as the religion that shaped British culture and heritage and influences the lives of millions of people today
  • to enable pupils to learn about the other major religions and their impact on culture, history, art and the lives of their followers
  • to develop understanding of religious faith as the search for and expression of truth
  • to contribute to the development of pupils’ own spiritual and philosophical convictions
  • to explore and enrich pupils’ own faith and beliefs
Please click here for our Religious Education Policy

This is our RE topic timetable for this year (2017/18)

Religious Education









We are Special Special Times – Birthdays & Christmas Special Stories Special Times – Easter/Spring/Mothering Sunday Special Places Our Special World


Creation/Harvest Special People – The Vicar Christmas The Bible Special Days – Lent, Easter Prayer The New Testament


The Church Weddings Christmas gifts Why do we trust and follow Jesus? Jesus at Easter Prayer and Worship How does Christianity affect how a person lives their life?


The Old testament Judaism Christmas Images of Jesus What do Christians believe about the sacrifice of Jesus? The Church’s year Pentecost Judaism


The Bible Hinduism Christmas Why is it important for Christians to trust God? Easter Why is the day of Pentecost important to Christians? Hinduism


Bible & Bible Stories Islam Christmas Jesus Salvation & Atonement The World-wide Church Islam


How have Christians expressed their belief through art? Church Christmas Sikhism Easter Sikhism Is prophecy significant for Christians today?