Our art curriculum inspires children to observe closely and to sketch, paint and sculpt with confidence and a trained eye.  Every child should feel the thrill of producing unique and creative work in a range of media.  Pupils can evaluate and analyse their own work and in doing so, they learn that constructive criticism and perseverance are rewards in themselves as they usually lead to improvements.

Reception and Keystage One pupils experiment with a wide range of materials and explore colour, pattern, texture, lines and forms.  Their enthusiasm is unbridled and their output prodigious!

Keystage Two pupils keep sketch books and continually review and improve on ideas.  They spend considerable time learning to sketch  and shade with accurate perspective.  This gives them confidence to paint and sculpt more freely.

All pupils are taught to look carefully at the work of great artists and to know something of their person and historical context.

Art and Design & Technology are timetabled together.  Some terms, classes will be undertaking a design & technology project rather than art.

Here are some of our children on a trip to the National Gallery in London.

This is our art topic timetable for this year

Art Overview