Through our computing curriculum we hope to give pupils the skills and confidence to work with a range of programmes developing logical thinking alongside creativity and a solid understanding of key technology skills.

Where possible tasks will be linked with other topics so that children can make links and have a clearer purpose of what they are trying to achieve.  Children start each new topic with a lesson about internet safety, which we believe is very important for children in our digital world.

We focus on the three key areas:

  • Computer Science: pupils are taught the principles of information and computation, and how digital systems work
  • IT: Pupils are taught to create programs and systems and to use a range of media
  • Digital Literacy: pupils develop their ideas through information communication technology

Wateringbury Computing curriculum plan

Each unit should start with e-safety lesson/ refresher following the Kent Digital literacy statements Term 1 focusses upon Key Skills Unit are mostly taken from Rising Stars Switched on Computing scheme and supported with the resources on Purple Mash. DL = Digital literacy                                                 CS = Computer science                                IT = Information Technology
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 1 ICT Key skills unit – keyboard and mouse skills We are celebrating: creating an electronic card (2paint, 2Publish, 2Publish plus We are painters: illustrating a ebook (2Paint, 2Create a story, 2publish) We are story tellers: creating a talking book (2create a story) We are TV chefs (Mashcams, 2publish, iPads, cameras) We are treasure hunters (Beebots, 2Go )(CS)
Year 2 ICT Key skills unit – keyboard, mouse and word processing skills We are photographers (2Publish, 2Publish Plus) We are detectives: emails (2email, 2 Connect, 2write) We are astronauts: programming. (Beebots, 2code, 2Go) We are game testers (2DIY, 2DIY 3D) We are zoologists: bug hunt (2count, 2graph, 2investigate, 2DIY, 2Question)
Year 3 ICT Key skills unit – Word and Publisher We are presenters (2Publish, iPads) We are communicators: emails (2Respond, 2email) We are programmers (Roamers, 2Publish, 2Animate, 2Code, 2Blog) We are opinion pollsters (2Connect, 2Write, 2Graph, 2Investigate, 2Calculate)
Year 4 ICT Key skills unit   – Word and Publisher We are co-authors: creating a Wiki (2Write, 2Connect, 2Blog) We are podcasters: creating a podcast (USB mic) We are musicians (2Beat, 2Sequence) Roamers and Logo We are software developers (scratch)
Year 5 ICT Key skills unit – Publisher, PowerPoint We are game developers (2Code, scratch, Kodu) We are artists (2Go, Logo) We are computer controllers (Knex and Lego WeDo) We are cryptographers We are web developers (2publish plus)
Year 6 ICT Key skills unit – Publisher,  PowerPoint, Excel We are project managers (2Write, 2Connect) Sarah J’s Plan We are film makers: stop motion animation We are app planners(2Code, Gorilla) We are interface designers: Yearbook (2Publish Plus)