Meet the Team


Mrs Crawford Usher

Designated safeguarding lead

Mrs Crawford Usher is a member of the Sevenoaks Symphony Orchestra and loves playing her violin.  She can often be seen running along the River Medway and also enjoys dog walking and cycling.

Mrs Bryant











Mrs Farrington

Head of Key Stage 1 / Reception teacher

When I am not at school, I enjoy reading, walking my dog and but can most often be found shopping for clothes

Mrs Lawler

Reception Class TA






Mrs McGrath

Reception Class TA

Mrs Sarah McGrath is a keen walker who enjoys swimming, yoga, gardening and theatre-going.




Mrs Allan

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Tracey Allan is a new member of the team. She enjoys reading, especially children’s books, and likes nothing better than spending time browsing book shops to find stories that she has not read before. She likes walking, especially in the countryside, and enjoys exploring the many footpaths around Kent

Mrs Barnett

Year 1 TA










Mrs Colyer

Year 2 Teacher


Mrs Lodder

Year 2 TA


Mr Keevil 

Year 2 one-to-one TA



Miss Goodwin

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Goodwin is a keen gardener with an allotment.  She often shows her flowers and vegetables at Maidstone Horticultural Society Shows.  She also enjoys travelling, walking and photography.


Mrs Brazil

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Brazil loves spending time with her family, especially outside on country walks or in the garden. She enjoys running and is currently working on improving the time of her 8km run.


Mrs Curtin

Year 3 TA








Mrs Phillips

Year 3 TA

Mrs Phillips spends lots of time outdoors walking in the countryside with her dog or cycling along the river paths.  The places she likes to be most in the world are Northumberland and France and her favourite thing is snow.

Mrs Fraser

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Fraser enjoys spending time with her family and reading a good book. She is a Guide leader in Tonbridge and loves being outdoors and adventurous.  She also loves camping. In the little free time she has left, she tries to keep fit by running and going to the gym.

Mrs Derby

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Derby loves to be outdoors enjoying walking, especially near the sea. She loves to swim and can swim a whole length under water!

She particularly enjoys a good book and is very drawn to a happy ending.



Mrs Smith

Year 4 TA

Mrs Smith particularly enjoys nature and wildlife and loves a bug hunt. She also enjoys being crafty and often combines the two by creating nature art.






Mrs Cekaj

Year 4 TA









Miss Roche

Year 5 Teacher

Ms Roche loves spending time reading novels for all ages, preferably in the garden in the sunshine next to her cat.   She is passionate about languages and loves music and dance.  She practises yoga but not as often as she would like.  In her dreams, she plays the cello for the London Symphony Orchestra.  

Mrs Mayhead

Year 5 TA

Mrs Mayhead is a keen watcher of grassroots football as both her children play for local teams. She loves her dogs and can be often seen walking them along the river at Teston.



Mrs Osborne

Deputy Headteacher / Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Osborne is a keen runner who can often be found running really early in the morning. She enjoys baking, reading and gardening and is attempting to grow her own fruit and vegetables. She also enjoys long walks with friends which mainly consist of talking about cakes she’s eaten recently and books.




Mrs Jones

KS2 Leader / Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Jones enjoys longs walks with her children in all weathers especially when it is raining so they can splash in the puddles. She also loves playing board games and completing jigsaw puzzles. She has recently taken up chess and likes to challenge others to a game.



Mrs Blunden

Year 6 TA

Mrs Blunden has been a Teaching Assistant at Wateringbury School since 2006. I enjoy travelling, music and walking around our beautiful local area.

Mrs Henry

Year 6 one-to-one TA

Mrs Catherina Henry is from the west of Ireland and has made her family home in Kent. She has two children and enjoys cycling, walking and going out for a meal with friends and family.  If she invited all her nieces and nephews into Wateringbury School they would fill a classroom!  Mrs Henry enjoys good company and plenty of laughter.

Office Staff

Mrs Hanley

Mrs Hanley loves spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys pilates, running, long walks with her dogs and good food!  She skis every year and adores travelling.

Mrs Humphrey

Hi. I am Lizzie Humphrey and I have been Office Manager at Wateringbury School for nearly 30 years. I enjoy cake decorating, cooking and entertaining. I have a very large family and 13 wonderful grandchildren who keep me very busy!

Mrs Stone

Miss Stone loves to play netball and is part of a local team. She is often walking her dog along the river and enjoys reading and cooking with her family at home.