Sports and Sports Funding

What is Sports Premium Funding?

The government has chosen to invest in Primary School Physical Education and School Sport.  The funding is being used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.  For 2019-20, each primary school received £16,000 plus £10 per pupil annually to be spent in any way the school thinks best to improve the teaching and learning of PE and School Sport in their individual school. Please click on the link to see the DfE final report on the efficacy of this initiative.

How we are using it at Wateringbury

At Wateringbury, we are using the funding in two ways.  Firstly, it is used to ensure that children have the most qualified teachers and instructors during their P.E. lessons with the right equipment and secondly, to provide excellent opportunities to be active and healthy throughout the school day.  Some of the funding has been used to increase the range of extra-curricular activities and to subsidise or fund a number of these clubs.  In addition, we have used the money to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through a targeted lunchtime club.
Nearly two-thirds of all our children (61%) participate in more than 2 hours of sporting or physical activity each week (PE lessons and extra-curricular).  For Key Stage 2 pupils, this figure rises to 72% as there are even more opportunities for our older children to participate in sport/physical activity.
Below is the detailed Sports Funding plan for 2021-22. Sports funding 2021.2022 final
(For the previous year’s plan click here.)