School Fund


Our Voluntary School Fund has been created to relieve the impact of rising costs and reduced government funding of our school. The fund helps the school to provide resources and equipment which directly support children’s education or improve the teaching and learning environment. Recently we have used income from the fund to arrange for two authors to come into school.

Making a contribution 

We hope that families will feel able to contribute as much as they can. A contribution of just £5 per month (equivalent to 16p a day), for instance, will make a big difference. If families are in a position to make a larger donation, we would welcome this. Thank you to those who have already made contributions.

If you are a tax payer you are able to increase the value of your donation by 25% by completing the Gift Aid section of the form which can be downloaded below.  If you are a higher tax rate payer you are also able to claim back the additional tax on donations, through your annual tax return or by contacting your tax office for the relevant form.

Is this just for parents?

No, we welcome donations or sponsorship from any individuals or businesses that would like to support our efforts to enhance teaching and learning opportunities for the benefit of the children. Please email if you would like to support us through sponsorship or a one-off donation.

How can I make a payment?

There are 3 ways to donate:

  1. Personal online banking
  2. School’s online payment system
  3. Standing order

These are all explained in the Voluntary School Fund leaflet which can be downloaded below.

If you have further questions or comments about the fund, please feel free to contact the school office or email us at office@

Thank you for your on-going support and generosity.

Voluntary School Fund Leaflet

Standing Order & Gift Aid Form